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We feel so strongly about our social responsibility; and feel it’s essential to operate the cabin in the most conscious and sustainable way possible.

We thought to share some fun facts with you since some of these aren’t listed on our website, and we really want to inspire a new, conscientious way of travel and for guests (like you) to be able to choose to travel for the good of the world, community, Country and self.

  • Because the cabin isn't connected to mains water, we source all our own water from our 20,000L rainwater tank.

  • The cabin is fitted with energy-saving LED lighting and sensor-enabled air conditioners.

  • We provide domestic cleaning products from ZeroCo for our guest’s convenience; their containers are made from recycled materials destined for landfill, and their products are Aussie, Vegan & Cruelty-Free.

  • Our commercial cleaning products are Australian, Eco-friendly, chemical-free, natural & organic, and biodegradable.

  • Our coffee pods are Australian and compostable.

  • Our greywater passes through an STP system and is then used to irrigate the gardens at the property.

  • We power the cabin using green energy (rated 4.5/5 by Greenpeace).

  • We operate 99.9% digitally, reducing the need for single-use printed material in the cabin.

  • We have installed a dish draw style dishwasher to help with reducing the water consumption needed when cleaning dishes, especially when only minimal items are used over a few days.

  • We know that there is a terrible housing crisis around Australia, and we wanted to highlight that our cabin’s location is specifically zoned as short-term accommodation by our local council, which means you cannot reside at the property and it can’t be used for long-term rental, therefore not taking away from people in need.

  • We line-dry our linens 9.9 times out of 10 and only resort to dryers when it’s been raining non-stop for an extended period of time.

  • Furthermore, our towels are 100% Australian cotton, and a part of the Better Cotton mission and our bed linens come from Australian suppliers that are either carbon neutral, green sustainable or hold SA8000 certification compliance.

  • We supply compostable kitchen cloths and hygienically wash and rotate them up to 3 times per booking before they are composted; these can break down in a month in the right composting environment.

  • We supply single-use condiments in Bio Pak containers and try as hard as possible to avoid single-use ‘anything’ at the cabin.

  • We provide Great Wrap – The only compostable stretch kitchen wrap made from food waste

We will continue to look at ways we can improve what we do (including looking at ways to make our property more accessible), all whilst ensuring we remain sustainable as a business in the process – so watch this space!!

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