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[Sustainability] the practice of meeting present requirements without compromising future generations’ needs.

Prefabricated locally, Scandi at Maleny is a sustainable, carbon- neutral, modular, small home design that we are very proud of.


Various studies indicate modular prefabrication is the most sustainable way to build.

With a waste reduction of up to 80% (compared to traditional construction) and utilising considered use of standardised building material dimensions, large-scale purchasing power and careful quality control, this approach uses fewer materials than traditional building methods generating far less waste and creating less disturbance, particularly to the environment.


Every model uses a similar formula; in addition, the centralised off-site location of the build results in considerably lowering of carbon emissions compared to transporting sustainable materials and labour to a regular building site. 


Ultimately, it is a massive step towards creating less impact on the planet whilst achieving a more sustainable way of living or, in our case, holidaying.

Watch the delivery process below - January 2021:

Sustainable Accommodation Maleny



1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual memberships and everyday actions.


As new proud members, we're committed to undergoing an annual certification process confirming our gross sales and donating at least 1% of our profits each year to help create positive environmental changes and a better future.


We believe it's about businesses and individuals taking responsibility for the environment and conscious consumers choosing to purchase for the planet.


The nice bit is that all our guests are part of this with us; by choosing to stay in this little cabin, you too will help contribute to this significant cause simply by choosing to holiday with us and travel for good.

We need to consider whom we spend our money with and what they’re doing to help the world; we need to demand more from brands and businesses, big or small.


So, for us, it starts here.


Be 1% better.

And consider joining us...

In addition to our commitment to 1% for the Planet, we also pledge to donate 50 meals for every booking made directly to Oz Harvest Sunshine Coast on behalf of our guests.


We'll remain accountable by emailing each guest a receipt of the payment made on their behalf to this wonderful organisation following their stay.

So, when booking your hideaway at Scandi at Maleny, you're not only doing yourself some good but also doing good for others.


Isn’t that just a nice thought on its own?

Check out our donations tally here.

Sustainable Accommodation Maleny
Sustainable Accommodation Maleny

We’re practising what we preach within the cabin; for that reason, our property proudly uses planet-friendly and single-use plastic-free products from ZeroCo. Their refillable bottles are made from ocean, beach and landfill waste, so with every use, we're helping to pull plastic waste out of our oceans and stop the production of more single-use plastic. 


You can learn more about their inspiring mission and join us in ditching single-use plastic at your place.

We aim to provide luxury accommodation and experiences with a low impact on our planet via an eco-conscious way of thinking; we intend to leave a lasting impression on a new way to holiday whilst doing good for the environment and humanity in the process. 

Proud Members of the Sunshine Coast Sustainability Program


We aim to make a meaningful contribution to our holiday destination's sustainability and reinforce our sustainability credentials to attract visitors who share these values.

The program unites the tourism industry and visitors to reduce carbon emissions through local reforestation projects on the Sunshine Coast. We've proudly partnered with Visit Sunshine Coast and Reforest (a Queensland company), which allows businesses to take climate action head-on by developing a really useful Trip CO2 Calculator.

Visitors can understand their impact on the local environment by answering a few (super) quick questions about their trip to the Sunshine Coast. Tips on reducing your footprint are provided, and visitors can remove emissions by planting trees in local projects.


We actively offset emissions from the operation of Scandi at Maleny each quarter; we'd love you to join us in playing your part by reducing your emissions too; check out the calculator below, it's extremely simple, and you might be surprised at how easy it is to do!

Oz Harvest
Travel for Good
Sustainability Program
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