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Crank the oven up and throw in a Byron Bay Pizza Co. pizza for a convenient and delicious meal.


Why are their pizza's so good? 


  • Hand-crafted in Byron Bay from the finest and freshest produce.
  • Only ethically farmed meats are used.
  • Committed to using sustainable and traceable ingredients
  • No preservatives or flavour enhancers are used (no nasty numbers!)
  • Australian made from Australian ingredients (95% Aussie grown) supporting excellent Aussie growers and producers.
  • The traditional slow-rise dough is easily digested and fully flavoured.
  • They're quick and easy (cook from frozen in 10 minutes) and they taste amazing!


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free range Italian sausage • onion • feta • confit garlic

The pasture-raised pigs from Byron's infamous Hayters Hill Farm (who, without a doubt, have one of the best views of the bay) make the Italian sausage the true hero of this simple and delicious sausage pizza. If Rocky Balboa ever had the chance to get amongst one of these, we have no doubt it would have him screaming:




bacon • mushrooms • baby capers • kalamata olives • garlic • chilli

Our flagship 'Happy Pig' was inspired by the famous Italian pasta dish 'Spaghetti alla puttanesca', and as the name suggests (for those in the know), it has everything in it.

Traditionally it would have had anchovies, but as divisive as they are, we opted instead for a deliciously smoked bacon made especially for us by the legends at The Clunes Butcher in the Byron Hinterland.



double smoked ham • pineapple pieces

We have not reinvented the wheel on this one; we just applied our philosophy of using the best quality ingredients we can get our hands on to make this crowd-pleaser a favourite for kids young at heart alike.


MARGHERITA (Vegetarian)

fresh tomato slices • homegrown oregano • confit garlic

By no means a traditional Italian Margherita, our take on this Italian classic relies on the perfectly ripe Roma tomatoes from Jumping Red Ant (Duranbah N.S.W) and freshly picked oregano leaves from our garden to keep the masses coming back for more. Simple, delicious and vego and kid-friendly.


GREENPIZZA (Vegetarian)

fresh shredded silver beet • feta • onion • kalamata olives • confit garlic

With a generous pile of fresh silver beet, this has to be one of the tastiest ways to get a big whack of leafy greens. For a twist, we highly recommend hitting this bad boy with some fresh lemon zest when fresh out of the oven.

Byron Bay Pizza Co. **Addition to existing order only**

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